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The front page image is a picture of our early loco's by the late Paul Scoles and shows how he could turn kits into masterpieces.

NEWS September 2021

1:64 scale; S - Sn3 - Sn3½

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Dear Modeller, PRICE INCREASE. Regretfully we have to announce our first major price increase in 35 years of making S/Sn3 kits etc. We have been hit with a massive increase by both of our Brass and Pewter casters. The price of raw brass for casting has gone up from 6 cents per gram to 40 cents per gram, an increase of nearly 700%. And our Metal casters have raised their pricing by 40% and decreed that we must now order a minimum of 10 spins of any of our 100+ moulds. Regretfully this action has put some of our poorer sellers, like S Standard gauge Locos, and our small "Critters" etc. on the endangered list. They will only be spun now once orders approach that mark. Prices will rise on 1 October 2021.

All items listed here are available direct from us in New Zealand.  We can now supply some of our Sn3 loco mechs etc. re-gauged to Sn3½ (Sn42).  Postage fees of course will apply, ask for details.
These are our largest loco's to date.
Copies of this Baldwin design also ran in Central and South America, so it's extremely suitable for free lance builder's also.

All Kitsets are -
 "SUPA-KITS" which include a completed, track tested mechanism with fully assembled Walshaerts valve gear, Motor, Gearbox, and Pony trucks attached. All of this takes the heartache out of the difficult valve gear assembly. And it can negotiate down to 27" radius curves, as two different length drawbars are now included.
Mirror image picture above, by David Steer:

The Alco-Bombardier Wide cab, operated by both the White Pass and Yukon Route, and the U.S. Gypsum Railroad.
Kit comes with with fully assembled operating mechanism
We also have  White Pass & Yukon #2/52 2-6-0, #3/53 2-8-0, #4/54 4-4-0 as well as a host of Eastern Roads. And we will also "modernise" kits and fit larger tenders, etc. as required. Just ask!

EUREKA !  Our early Baldwin 8-18C type 4-4-0 and 8-22D type 2-6-0 Locos are READY
Both Locos have wagon top boilers, 42" drivers and the 2-6-0 has an UNEVEN wheelbase to accommodate the firebox between the rear 2 sets of drivers.
The 4-4-0 is based on "Sonoma / Eureka etc."  These Locos ran on 3' roads all over the continent.
We can also modernize these or do "custom kits" for kit bashers a la Paul Scoles in the "Gazette". Just tell us what your loco is and its period. Kit Price $495. RTR reduced $100 to $795. 
White Pass Fans can now model early Loco's 2, 3, & 4 all with different wheel arrangements; 4-4-0. 2-6-0 & 2-8-0. Kits include decals for many Roads including White Pass, SPC, NPC, SPNG, RGS, and other Colorado etc.

A A A (Affordable Always Available) Kitsets.

Colour pics are included in our printed catalogue $10. Regards from "Downunder",    Doreen and John.
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