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Kit assembly; The UINTAH #12 is used as an example.

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Stages in the assembly of the white metal kit set.
The finished, painted kit.

Stages of fabrication... 

All kit chassis come pre-assembled and rolling. The difficult driver quartering has been done. Pre-assembled chassis
Chassis with cylinders etc. The Chassis now mostly assembled, started with two side frames and wheels. The cast cylinder piece, braces and axles, motor, rods and the front Pilot were added.
Sit the body over the chassis and the boiler top can be seen. The domes and chimney are secured with screws from below. The brass headlamp, bells and other details are held with epoxy or soldered.. The boiler above
Boiler underview Under the boiler. The running board pegs can be seen and a number of the steam , water and sand pipes have been added.
Looking into the Cab and the firebox door can be seen. Some valves and pipe work are also in view. The hinged cab floor piece will ride on the tender. In through the roof
Tender fron the front The tender from the front. The  rear water filler and other white metal fittings are in place. 
Finished, mostly.
The body and chassis mated, tender ladder in place and nearly ready to run.
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