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The White Pass & Yukon 70 class 'Mikes' 

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Stages in the assembly of the white metal kit set.
#73  assembled waiting on the painter
Two 70 class 'Mikes' after sand blasting, await the attention of the paint shop.

Stages of fabrication... 

A look underneath. The Running Boards, Air Reservoirs, Power Reverser, and Westinghouse brake pump have been attached. The foot on the cab pedestal is tapped to accept the mechanism.

The mechanism is now virtually complete  with Cylinders, Pilot. deck with braces and steps. The Walshaerts valve gear is complete. 

Topside the various detail parts have been added: Stack, Domes, Bell, Light,  Handrails, Running Boards, Generator, Pump, and various valves complete with piping. 
Another side view, showing the "plumbing" details.
Looking into the Cab some of the control fittings are visible. The hinged fallplate will ride on the tender deck. The etched window frames are still to be fitted.
An Oil burning tender ready to be attached to its frame. 
Looking down on the tender top showing the various Oil pipes and valves attached.
The body and mechanism mated, tender ladder in place and nearly ready to run.
See the Locomotive Price Lists for details of how to order this as a kit or RTR. TOP
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