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Frequently Asked Questions

Combined Answers to the many FAQ:

4-4-0/2-6-0 Locos. 

Drive is a can motor coupled directly to their gear box (no joint) which only JUST fits into the wagon top boiler. So a fly wheel is out of the question.  We wanted to use our standard motor with a bit of "grunt". Anything smaller is useless. This was the reason for picking a Wagon Top boiler. A new smaller sound cam had to be fitted to the rear axle. Tight squeeze! And the "walk in"  tenders can be covered over easily if you want to install a speaker. They can be "wooded up".

Larger Tenders: We of course can supply larger tenders (C16, Uintah, PC, etc.) for modernized locos. Also oil tanks can be fitted to these. Its your choice.

Minimum radius: You can leave off the rear shunters foot board (switchman's pilot? in "Yank") as it may foul the rear truck. And file the edges of the cab/tender fall plate. Also the 2 tender trucks will need some filing as their brakes touch each other on anything sharper than 28". It's a very short tender. Having done this you can run them as sharp as you like. The 2-6-0 has a blind center driver to make life easier.

Slow speed: As good as your controller allows. Our stuff normally creeps along.

Pilots: We can supply the shorter "Intermediate" style wood staved pilot already recessed for a Kadee coupler. Just ask.

Headlamps: Also Modernized locos can have the big "Wabash" headlight or the smaller RGS etc. style Arc lamp - looks like Grandma's antique mantle clock. Capiche?

Stacks: You name it - we have about 10 different types now.

Decals: If you want an obscure name for your kit, then get a mate with an ALPS printer to do it for you.

Payment: Credit cards, transfers to a US bank a/c (on request). No cheques MO's. Send C.C. details split over 2 emails a few minutes apart for Security.

Catalogues: Still need those $5 bills if Doreen is going to make it right through to the next Convention? May have to leave her in Honolulu. Life's tough!

Any other questions just email us.