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New Zealand. Phone +64 9419 1994

Below is a writing tablet, please type in your e-mail address - without it we CANT reply !!!!!    and your request.
Click the 'Send E-mail' box, when you have entered your request.

Split data over 2 emails, send 30 minutes apart e.g. 1234 5678 xxxx xxxx  Exp 02/xx  Security 789
second email; xxxx xxxx 5342 9876 Exp xx/20. Don't forward the first email within the second one - some do it.
   Scrub That [www.railmaster.co.nz] later

Be sure to include:
Your name, email address and mailing address inside the box !!!.
Plus the items that you want, Catalog number, quantity and a good item description.
Visa/MasterCard number. Don't forget expiry date, cardholders name, and the 3 digit security number from the rear of the card- now required to combat fraud.
Delivery will be by regular air mail. Note actual costs will be charged.

Thanks Doreen & John.